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Basic services (for Civil and/or Religious Weddings) :

  • Assistance, by phone and/or e-mail, during the period of your wedding planning
  • Handling, on your behalf, of the documents
  • Booking of the Town Hall or Church
  • Town Hall tax or Donation to the Church
  • Meeting with the Wedding Coordinator the day before the wedding for the orientation tour in order to agree the details of the coming Wedding Day
  • Civil Wedding Registrar/Priest in the Church
  • Interpreter during the ceremony (for civil wedding)
  • Two witnesses for the signature of the Register (required), if bride and groom don’t have their own witnesses
  • Wedding Coordinator on Wedding Day to assist you in the Town Hall or the Church


Main Extra Services:

On the Day before the Wedding

1. Arrival from the airport to the hotel :

- By public transportation : Bus n° 5 or ATVO up to Piazzale Roma (cost of the ticket 3-5 Euro), then waterbus ACTV (cost of the ticket: about 7 Euro).
- By public boat Alilaguna : cost of the ticket 15 Euro luggage included
- By water taxi shared with other customers or in private : http://www.venicelink.com/

2. A flower bouquet in the room at the arrival of the bridegrooms starting from 60 Euro.

3. Chocolate and Italian “spumante” in the bridegrooms’ room starting from 50 Euro.

4. Hire of the wedding dress /suit for the bridegroom or of the typical Renaissance costumes concerning the style of 17th 18th century.

How does it work ?
We will suggest you an atelier, where you will be able to hire a wedding dress for the bride and/or a suit for the groom.
You will be asked to provide your body measurements. On the day of your arrival in Venice, the atelier will arrange an assortment of 4-5 dresses conforming to your size.
Once you have tried them on, at the atelier, and have chosen your wedding dress (the day before the wedding),the details of your credit card or a security deposit will be needed.
The atelier tailor will then make the necessary modifications. It will be delivered to your hotel directly. The dress will be at your disposal from the day before to the day after the wedding.

Approximate costs for the hire :
- Wedding dress for the bride inclusive of gown, gloves and veil starting from 650 Euro
- Groom’s suit Tight, Half Tight or Smoking, including shirt, plastron or bow-tie and waistcoat starting from 200 Euro
- Typical Renaissance costume (normally used during Carnival period) according to the style of 17th 18th century starting from 400 Euro

On Wedding Day :

Flowers : Bouquet for the bride, buttonhole for the groom starting from 120 Euro - 150 Euro

The bouquet will be arranged according to the bride’s wishes and will be delivered to the hotel on the wedding day.

Flower composition on ceremony table starting from 60 Euro

Flower composition for water taxi starting from 160 Euro

Flower decoration of Gondola Luxe starting from 200 Euro

6. Hairstylist /Make-up for the bride.

Bridal Hairdo 200 Euro or Bridal Hairdo and Make-up service 300 Euro in hotel on wedding day. Trial service at the salon the day before the wedding (from Tuesday to Saturday) 50 Euro/each service, and must be requested at the moment of reservation. The price of the service includes the agency assistance to the bride.
Fresh made flowers for the hairstyle, matching with the bridal can be provided. The cost is 25 Euro

7. Music

Accompaniment during the ceremony in the Town Hall or in a Venetian Palace :
- Harp Euro 200
- Violin/Cell/Flute Euro 150/instrument

Accompaniment in the Catholic Church :
- Organ (or Harp) 250 Euro
- Organ (or Harp) + Soprano 450 Euro

Accompaniment in Orthodox Church
- Chorist during ceremony 100 Euro
- At the exit after ceremony String Duo/Trio/Quartet (wearing classic or baroque costumes) from 150 Euro for each element

Music in Gondola. Accompaniment during gondola rides and the Symbolic Ceremony in Gondola

- Guitar 30 min. Euro 120
- Musician (Guitarist or Accordion) + Singer : before 19:00 35 min. Euro 160 / 60 min. 210 Euro
- Musician (Guitarist or Accordion) + Singer : after 19:00 35 min. Euro 190 / 60 min. 240 Euro
- Violin 30 min. 150 Euro / 60min. 200 Euro
- Talented musician (guitarist + singer) Gondoliere Folk 60 min. 200 Euro/chaqun

Accompaniment at the exit of the Town-Hall, Palace or in the Gondola :
Talented Duet, Trio or Quartet Gondolieri Folk 150-200 Euro each element.

Moving on Wedding Day
Venice is a little town, therefore everywhere can be reached by foot in just a few minutes.
With this in mind, the means of transportation, like such as the water-taxi or gondola, will be required in order to enrich your wedding day, but they are not necessary for your transfer.

8. Water Taxi on Wedding Day

A water taxi can carry a maximum of 14 people, but to let your guests be comfortable on the wedding day, we suggest not to go over a maximum of 8-10 people per boat .
Water taxis available on the wedding day :

Transfers prices on request (starting from 80 Euro).
Standard water taxi available for special services starting from 150 Euro/hour
A luxury water taxi (a new taxi with elegant interiors and wooden coverings) starting from 200-250 Euro/hour

9. Gondola Standard on Wedding Day. Maximum 6 people/ on gondola. Starting from

30 min. 100-150 Euro. After 19:00 30 Euro more
60 min. 200-250 Euro. After 19:00 30 Euro more

Gondola Standard Example of Gondola Standard

Specially decorated Grand Luxury Wedding Gondola with two gondoliers (max. 4 people / on gondola). Starting from :
1 hour 900 Euro
2 hours 1200 Euro
3 hours 1500 Euro

Grand Luxury Gondola Grand Luxury Gondola

10. Professional Photographer on Wedding Day (min.60-100 jpeg file in high resolution for each hour service) delivered on CD or through Internet link

Photographer Marco. All the pictures taken on your Wedding Day, selected and edited (colour, contrast correction), some of them elaborated with special effect, to download, approx. 20 days after event, through link internet.
1 hour service 200 Euro
2 hours service 350 Euro
Each additional hour 100 Euro
Photo Gallery : (photo 1-30 of Photo Gallery)

Photographer Ksenya. Selection of best pictures taken on your Wedding Day (min. 35/each hour of service), edited (colour, contrast correction), some of them elaborated with special effect, to download, max. 2 weeks after event, through link internet.
1 hour service 250 Euro
2 hours service 400 Euro
Each additional hour 100 Euro
Photo Gallery : (photo 31-60 of Photo Gallery)

Photographer Anna. Selection of best pictures taken on your Wedding Day (min. 30/each hour of service), edited (colour, contrast correction), some of them elaborated with special effect, to download, max. 4 months after event, through link internet.
3 hours service 600 Euro
Each additional hour 100 Euro
Photo Gallery : (photo 61-90 of Photo Gallery)

Photographer Mirco. Two CDs : the first containing all pictures taken on your Wedding Day, the second including a selection of 50-120 elaborated jpeg files + personalized with the music slide-show of these photos, delivered on CD in your hotel during your stay, or to download, within few days after event, through link internet.
2 hours service 600 Euro
3 hours service 800 Euro
4 hours service 1000 Euro
6 hours service 1450 Euro
8 hours service 1850 Euro
Photo Gallery : (photo 91-120 of Photo Gallery).

11. Video Operator on Wedding Day. Highly-professional, edited and personalized with music film delivered on DVD within 15 days of the event.
1 hour service 350 Euro
2 hours service 500 Euro
3 hours service 650 Euro
4 hours service 800 Euro
8-hours service 1500 Euro

Example of Video DEMO :


12. Actors and /or comedy-players

Wedding Officiant for Symbolic Ceremony. Starting from 300 Euro.

Main characters of the Commedia dell' Arte, such as Harlequin, Pantalone, Colombina, Pulcinella (the cost is 160-200 Euro each element) who welcome the bride groom and their guests. They will assist on the photo tour through Venice, and at the same time your guests will be entertained with their pantomime exhibitions.

Harlequin Harlequin and Colombina

13. The event can be advertised in a local newspaper

Black and white or colour photo and /or texts provided by the bridegrooms. Advertising space

mm. 88 x 90 mm. 175 Euro
mm. 88 x 130 mm. 260 Euro
mm. 135 x 130 mm. 420 Euro
mm. 135 x 197 mm. 600 Euro (1/4 page)
mm. 275 x 197 mm. 1200 Euro (1/2 page)
mm. 275 x 402 mm. 1950 Euro (whole page)

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